About Us

Pioneer Finance is a direct private lender that helps investors get financing through loans. Over 50 years of collective experience has awarded Pioneer with the right combination of industry knowledge and financial strength to help investors get the funding they need. We offer a variety of loan products and flexible loan terms to fit all your capital needs, no matter how big or complex. Whether you are refinancing an existing asset or purchasing a new one, Pioneer can help you capitalize on your business opportunities. Unlike traditional banks, we do not solely rely on credits scores and financial history. Instead, we invest in people and their ideas. With loan closings as quickly as 48 hours, Pioneer offers competitive services and customized solutions for clients looking to move quickly.

As a private money lender, we understand that each investment and investor is different. Therefore, we customize each loan to the investor’s needs. Some of Pioneer’s flexible loan terms are featured below:

Loan to Value

Up to 100%

Loan Amount


Lending Terms

Up to 5 years

Repayment Terms

Interest only or amortized payments

Closing Time

As early as 48 hours (*sooner if borrower requires it)

Real Estate Loan


Why Pioneer?

We're Fast

Investors know the importance of moving quickly on a deal and getting financing fast. When a purchase contract is approaching a deadline and you need to secure funding quickly, Pioneer offers easy solutions. While traditional loans require a cumbersome application process with no guarantee of success, Pioneer has a painless approval process with funding turned around in less than 48 hours. We want our capital to generate aggressive growth for our customers. We even offer preapprovals for borrowers that have established a long-term history with Pioneer, which further expedites the financing process.

Simple Application Process

Our simple application and approval process focuses on the potential and profitability of your investment. Rather than fixating on your credit score or financial history, Pioneer looks at the overall collateral and viability of your investment. Once we have received an application, one of our underwriters will review the information and contact you with follow-up information or documentation requests. After the loan package is approved, our team does its own underwriting to appraise the project’s value and offers you our loan terms. If agreed, we move forward with the loan contract and get the deal funded.

We Care

Pioneer is more than just a private lender. We truly care for our clients and want to see them grow right alongside Pioneer. When Pioneer issues loans, we are not just investing in a new condominium development or refinancing a retail strip. We are investing in our borrowers’ future and their success. That’s a hefty responsibility that Pioneer takes very seriously. We hope that having access to our quick cash will give our clients the leverage to turn their ideas into reality.

In addition to funding your new investment, Pioneer’s team has the industry knowledge to guide and advise your project to success. Our experienced team of underwriters can expertly guide you when acquiring, refinancing, or even selling your next business.